ENPlus A1 wood pellets

Wood Pellets ENplus AI

Wood pellets with a high hardwood content for lower ash and more heat.

Premium grade ENPlusA1 surpassing the highest quality standard in the market, with moisture and ash content 30% lower than the official specification, making them ideal for trouble free use on wood pellet boilers and stoves. Supplied in easy to handle 15kg bags which making them east to handle and store.

  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified wood pellets from well-managed woodlands
  • Exceeding ENPlusA1 quality standard on both moisture and ash content helping to ensure a trouble free performance and a longer life for your appliance, as recommended by leading boiler manufacturers
  • BSL Certified: Meet all Government sustainability criteria making users eligible to receive RHI payments

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Premium Wood Pellets
Pallet of 65 15kg bags (975kg)

£320.00  £274.50   including VAT and
free delivery to mainland Scotland

  • ENPlusA1 grade wood pellets
  • BSL authorised supplier
  • FSC® Certified Wood from Well-Managed Woodland
  • Low ash content <0.5%
  • Low dust content <1%
  • Low moisture content <7%
  • High ash melting temperature >1200°C
  • Made from virgin hard and softwood